Sean and Tom break down the week 3 “win” against the Oakland Raiders. The guys bite off more than they can chew when they decide to take a hostage to cover Sean’s gambling debt. Starring Rohit Sharma, Atif Myers and me. Directed by Christian Porter. Follow Pats’ Corner on twitter PatsCorner12.

Pats’ Corner Week 2! Starring Rohit Sharma, Wilder Smith and me. Directed by Christian Porter. We breakdown the week 2 win against the Vikings and set some big bets for next week. Check out Pats’ Corner on twitter… @PatsCorner12. Week 3’s episode drops in the next 48 hours!

Check out Pats’ Corner a weekly Patriots football vlog by two foul mouthed Bostonians, Tom and Shaun. A Chubby Money production starring Rohit Sharma and directed by Christian Porter. Wilder Smith also makes a cameo. We’re doing this after every Pats game this season. Tune in next week for the VIKINGS! Fuhhhck the Vikings!

Thanks from T. Hanks - The Tom Hanks Line of Greeting Cards!

This is a live performance of me as Tom Hanks hawking Tom’s new line of greeting cards, “Thanks from T. Hanks.” Big thanks to the show SketchMelt's Brad Gage and Christian Spicer  and Danielle Kramer for booking me on their awesome show.

If you know Tom Hanks, please show this to him. 

A Real Rat? 

Made this sketch with my new sketch group, Pie House Comedy. More to come soon!

We got to shoot at the Dresden in the same booth they shot that one scene from Swingers.

The Lake is Dry - The Story of the Lakers Championship Drought.

This is a mockumentary I wrote and directed. Craig Calkins was the Director of Photography. Music composed by Brian Heveron-Smith, mixed by Frank Wartinger. Starring Luke Klompien, Rohit Sharma, Wilder Smith, Chris Duce, Joe O’Brien and introducing Edward O’Brien. Shot in Los Angeles, without permission of the NBA or the L.A. Lakers.

In honor of Major League Baseball’s opening day I wanted to repost this video… It’s the Worst Little League Coach in Boston! Go Sox!

Leaked Aaron Paul Need For Speed Audition Tape… Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul struggles through an audition for then new Need For Speed Movie. In theaters, March 14th. Big Thanks Kirstin Lorin for playing the casting director and for filming!

I did another sketch with Chubby Money! Rohit Sharma and Christian Porter do it again. Matthew Clark and I guest starred. We tackle big issues at the work place in this one. Based off an actual experience that Rohit had at a job. 

I play a porn obsessed Mr. Darcy in Glamour Magazine’s hilarioius send up of Pride and Prejudice. Directed by Ashley Terril. Also starring Lauren Terrill as Elizabeth Bennet. 

Check me out in Chubby Money’s new video, “Dead Dog.” Big thanks to Rohit Sharma and Christian Porter for having me be a part of it! Check out their other videos at

"D-Fence" - watch more funny videos

"D-Fence" - The untold story of one of sports’ most iconic signs. 

Craig Calkins and I shot this over the weekend. The Super Bowl is this Sunday!

Jesse Pinkman doing stand up. I did this impression at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Finally, Jesse is getting his life back in order!

I’m Going to Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Music video I made with some friends. 

Check out the original video for Hunger Stirke by Temple of the Dog below this post.

Big thanks to Wilder Smith (Katniss), Will Doughty (Chris Cornell), Brian Heveron-Smith (Peeta), and Matt Cordova, Thomas Oullette, Luke Klompien (Band). 

Also great work Craig Calkins and Marc Van Osdale on shooting the video.

Re-Mixed track by Stephen Collins’ 

This is the original video. Awesome song! Temple of the Dog’s Hunger Strike. See how it compares to the one we made above.